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Welcome to first Russia Confessions! This blog that you can submit your own confessions, all confessions that don't represent my own views. I hope you see all other confesstion, no mather Hetalia, city about Russia, Russian peoples, etc...

And you can become one with me, da? ^L^

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"If you don't want to be my friend, then I'll make one of your friends disappear. Then, I'll take their place. -Russia"
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#ivan braginski
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I think Russia is just beyond adorable, I know he has that little darker side to him but it kills me when people go overboard. Like making him a sadistic rapist U_U he’s just a chubby baby and deserves better than the stereotype!

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I’ve recently hit 1,400 followers and I want to show how much I fucking love you guys okay!!

What you will win

Sorry, I wasn’t able to take an actual photo of the prizes since all I have in terms of a camera is my shitty 3DS camera : (

I’ve only opened the figurine boxes to check that they weren’t damaged and stuff, but otherwise they have hardly even been handled! 

Both games are in perfect condition and have not been opened!


I’ll be using a random number generator to pick one lucky winner on JULY 31st!

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Winter Palace (Зи́мний дворе́ц) in St. Petersburg, Russia

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That awkward moment is: when Russia and Male!Ukraine are same. Maybe they are twins ‘cause they always wear scarf.

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Russia is NOT a monster. I am a fans of Russia but I liked Russia is nice, never been angry and NEVER became a scary more. All fans always say that terrible word, after I read it, I stay keep loving Russia, no matter what happen to him.

Original by hubedihubbe

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I want Russia-san’s heart!! I really want to hear his heartbeat.

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I’m seriously wondering if Ivan has more than one scarf because he’d have to clean it like every week if he only has one.

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I just want to kiss his chubby Russian cheeks!!

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I want to visit Winter Palace. This place are so many all artworks in gallery! I think this Palace are place for Tsar or Tsarina on Russian Empire.

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Please tag your Hetalia posts as "aph russia" and not "russia" (or whatever country it is). This way, more people who are interested in Hetalia would see your posts, and it is courteous those outside the fandom who might not want to see anime when they look for history, pictures or information about the real or historical countries. Thank you

oh, I’m sorry, I changed now.

for Hetalia, I will tag “aph russia”

and for sometimes about city, peoples, or about country I tag “russia”